How do you limit yourself. How can you remove limits

We can limit our outcomes by failing to allow ourselves the time to think of better solutions. How can we remove limits?

We can actually keep our solution seeker instincts contained by ignoring our intuition. It is like a muscle, sometimes we have to flex it

Here’s an example of something which was posted on FaceBook:

Some of the comments were:

  • The answer to that one is 2683… Easy peazy !
  • That would be easy to do !! You just have to square your pie.
  • wait for a couple of hrs. all the shoe boxes in the bedroom
  • 31174
  • yea I’d be screwed

I looked at these and just thought that if it were me, I would do loads of purchases under $100, skipping the pin and ATM altogether. Someone else commented “just press credit”, which was another option.

Of course, the best option is to have your own money so that you can purchase anything you desire at any time, and with whomever you want.

If you want this option be sure to check my Success Signature Switch. This is the ultimate in limits remover.

Here’s a way to flex your intuitive muscle: — Take a pen and pad, and write down this sentence, preferably in a different color pen than you will use for the answer

How can I make $100 today

Now I want you to write down as many answers as you can think of. Take as much time as you need but this will help you to think outside the box AND it may help you to spark a new entrepreneurial pursuit.

When you get stuck and think you can’t think of any more, I want you to get up from your seat and walk a lap of your house, or wherever you are. Jump up and down a little and shake out your hands.

Now see if you can write a couple more ways to make $100. When you get stuck again, close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Allow your mind to clear of distractions (On a separate place or page, write down those things that may come up that are not related, otherwise you will keep thinking of them and you will be distracted) Now just stay there until you find some gold that comes to your mind.

Your soul/sub-conscious wants you to have the gifts available to you but if you never allow them to come, because you think that you are not-one-of-those-types of people who gets good things, or that you push them away for other reasons then you are limiting yourself unnecessarily.

Sure! By pushing those thoughts of good things down because you think that they will never come, you protect your heart from the crushing blow of trying and then failing. However, you may just be cutting yourself off of the blessing that would come right after the struggle.

Dare to dream my friend. When your determination to have the good things becomes larger than the reasons they have eluded you, then you begin to win. It may take longer than you expect but you are winning.

Keep going!

This is how you have A Fabulous Life!




Liz Jackson has discovered the REAL reason for the health issues and difficulties we face each day. Read why they happen and what you can do about it

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Liz Jackson

Liz Jackson

Liz Jackson has discovered the REAL reason for the health issues and difficulties we face each day. Read why they happen and what you can do about it

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