Are Psychics real and why they don’t know that the Psychic fair is cancelled

We love to tease them and we think that it is all bullshit but what’s the real word on psychics. Are they for real. I mean, really? Who are they fooling?

Some of them use crystals. Some use tarot cards and some simply close their eyes and say they can see things. How can you see anything in tea leaves for goodness sake! They are all just weirdos trying to pull the wool over our eyes, right? Permit me to explain some things that will hopefully shed some light on the dark blanket of the unknown.

I like bacon. Most people do. In my mind, almost everything tastes better with bacon and if you add some vanilla ice-cream to my bacon, I will not protest. My sister on the other hand, doesn’t like it. She doesn’t even want to be in the same house as bacon cooking. I still love her anyway.

The thing is that we have different natural gifts. Some like bacon and some don’t. It’s not a conscious decision for my sister to be repulsed by bacon and not mine to love it. In the same way, most of those who practice as a psychic have had it given by nature — they had little choice in the matter.

I went through a time where I was learning the amazing world of communicating with my soul. It came onto me, beginning with itchy ears. It started with just a little that was manageable but grew to a real problem. I had a friend who did “Body Talk”. Communicating with her body/sub-conscious or something. I asked her if she knew what was going on to which, she told me that my body/sub-conscious/soul wanted me to “hear” what it had to tell me. She taught me how I could communicate and find out what it wanted me to know.

As I began to understand about this new communication I learned that I could enjoy A Fabulous Life with food, without worrying about weight issues and in fact, being able to get to my ideal weight without diets or gruelling exercise programs.

The lessons were tough and, while I’d realised how amazing life would be without the burden of dieting, things weren’t going my way and it was all confusing and REALLY frustrating.

“I QUIT” I yelled at whomever was listening. It felt like I was being made a fool and I didn’t want to be part of it anymore. But here’s the thing. If you have been chosen for a role in the metaphysical world there is no quitting. At that instant I got a heavy nose bleed. No tissue would keep this in check. All I could do was lean over the sink hoping it would stop before I fainted from blood loss.

Then some words came to my mind. “I never said quitting was an option”. I contemplated this for a moment and realised my choices at that moment were:

— Faint from blood loss or keep learning about this path of healing

So I said “I promise I don’t quit”. And in that second, the nose bleed stopped

I’d like to say that I was true to my word and stuck to my new path but it got very frustrating again and I yelled “I quit” again. And once again I got a heavy nose bleed. Little did I know that what I’d been experiencing and getting frustrated at, was nothing compared to what I would endure for the next six years in order to provide automatic healing solutions for any illness or problem — even losing weight.

As a career, being psychic and healing is fun, interesting and fascinating, and most of the time the psychic is helping, healing or providing clarity on a situation. The client is almost always very grateful for the session. It’s a very rewarding career for that reason.


I love this fun joke because it seems obvious but here’s the skinny. If I wanted to tell you a story about cars I wouldn’t describe a cruise ship. It has nothing to do with cars. Most psychics can only see visions in regard to what a client asks them about. There is usually no interruptions from their sponsor or news breaks about the weather or social issues.

Some psychics are limited to the sessions, where they connect with the soul of the person sitting with them, or the soul of a person who has passed, who wants to provide some information that is connected to that person. Some psychics can only see, or get messages from, people who are already passed on — they are called Mediums. Some can only receive messages from those who are living.

Of course, there is always those who will flaunt the faith of those who would believe in the spiritual realm and we can always rely on the television and movie industry to exploit our uncertainty, however, most who work in this field are genuine and can provide valuable answers to your queries or provide closure to a traumatic situation.

You can make up your own mind if the subject is fake or fabulous. An ostrich puts his head in the sand so that the danger goes away. We all know that it doesn’t actually make the danger go away and in the same, not believing in the metaphysical world or spirit world will not make it disappear




Liz Jackson has discovered the REAL reason for the health issues and difficulties we face each day. Read why they happen and what you can do about it

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Liz Jackson

Liz Jackson

Liz Jackson has discovered the REAL reason for the health issues and difficulties we face each day. Read why they happen and what you can do about it

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